Monday, 29 April 2013

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Dear All,

Further to the great supportive feedback from my last post I'm pleased to announce I have created a new blog called Captioneering, with the primary purpose of sharing photos and ideas with you all, particularly other "Captioneers".

You can find it at

I'll be populating it with photos that I have always thought had great potential for a caption, in case anyone else would like to pick up the ball and run with it. If you do please let me know I'd live to see the results. It will also (hopefully) encourage discussion and contributions from others as well.

I'll still be captioning when I can, but this will be a great way to

a) reduce my overflowing folder of "to be captioned" photos and go someway to getting that monkey off my back!

b) share and give back to the community that produces such great and varied TG fiction.

Thanks as always, and I hope you all like the new blog


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A modest proposal

Hi All,

I've been finding it very difficult to find time and inclination to write captions recently - partly due to time and partly due to a lack of inspiration to formulate a coherent or full caption (I tried writing a very juicy story that fizzled out sadly as well).  I enjoy being involved with the 'community' though and want to continue even if I have trouble finding the time for captioning.

I end up with a archive of "to be captioned" photos that never end up coming to fruition and was pondering today whether it would be useful/helpful/fun for me to post photos that have caption potential in a new blog for other captioneers to use and play with? Would this be something people would be interested or would it be just a yet another blog to check and at worst a pointless vanity exercise on my part?

I'd love to hear your opinion! If people are interested I'll set it up.